Fall 2014 Conference Call. Please join us...

Please join us for our Health Systems for a Tobacco-Free New York Collaborative Statewide Conference Call

Wednesday, October 21st, 2015
12:00pm-1:00pm (EST)
The Quiet Revolution in Tobacco Treatment for Psychiatric Patients

Presented by:
Dr. Kimber Richter, Director of UKanQuit, T
he University of Kansas Hospital Patient Tobacco Cessation Program, at University of Kansas Hospital (KUMed).

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About the presenter

Dr. Kimber Richter
Director of UKanQuit
University of Kansas Hospital

Dr. Richter is director of UKanQuit at KUMed, a bedside tobacco treatment service for hospital patients that has served over 10,000 patients since its inception in 2006, when the hospital campus went smoke free. Dr. Richter has over 75 publications, most focusing on tobacco control, and leads NIH-funded research on tobacco treatment. She also collaborates with a Federal University in Brazil on tobacco research. She has filled leadership positions in a number of national and local health organizations, including serving as President of the Association for Medical Education and Research on Substance Abuse, and a founding commissioner (program reviewer) for the Council for Tobacco Treatment Training Programs.

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Future Call Dates:

·  February 3, 2016
·  June 1, 2016

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