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  • Medicaid and quitting smoking

    For more information on Medicaid, click here.

  • New Medicaid Campaign Video!

  • Quitline Services for you:

    1. Live, telephone coaching to help you live tobacco free.
    2. Quit Messaging Support
    3. Click to Quit with online nicotine patches.
    4. Social support- join us on Facebook, Google+, Twitter and our online community, QuNitY.
    5. Downloadable support materials
    For more information about Quitline services, click here.
  • US task force recommends lung cancer screening for older smokers
    -NBC News Health

    If you are a smoker or an ex-smoker, learn about early lung cancer screening and see if a spiral CT scan is right for you. To find out more click here
  • New Voice Club

    The New Voice Club of the Niagara Frontier is a head and neck cancer support group, sponsored by the American Cancer Society, Western New York District. To find out more click here.

Tobacco Free Tips

Set-up a jigsaw puzzle on a table. Work on it when you start to feel on urge to smoke. When you notice the urge has disappeared, walk away

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Medicaid and quitting smoking
For more information on Medicaid, click here.

Are you a Medicaid member?

If you're a Medicaid member- see what stop-smoking medications your insurance covers!


How to look up which medications are covered by your insurance:

If you are interested in looking up a quit smoking medication like nicotine gum, patches or lozenges, click the “Drug Look-up” link, in the “Search by Name” tab. Here you can type in the medication name, for example “nicotine”, and select from various options (the patch, gum, lozenge and inhaler at various strengths like 2 mg, 4 mg, 21 mg, etc.). You can also enter in other quit smoking medications like Chantix® and zyban.

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