QuNitY, your smoke-free community

Qunity is an online community created by the New York State Smokers Quitline. To learn more about what we currently offer, check out the information below, or click here to sign up today!

When you join QuNitY, here are some tools to check out:
Forum and chat
Talking to a Quit Coach and other smokers trying to quit on our chat room or forum.
Quit smoking reminders and tips sent straight to your phone.
An online journal to keep track of triggers, accomplishments and thoughts. Keep it private, or share it on social media.
Savings Calculator
Calculate your tobacco-free savings with our savings calculator.

Choose which Quit Messaging works for you.

1 Scheduled Personalized messaging.

Write your own messages, set them up to be automatically sent to your mobile, email or landline by clicking here .

2 On-Demand Quit Messaging

Type any of the following keywords to 347-809-6874....

QuitStart, QuitHelp, Support, Crave, NoSlip, Fact, Mood, Tip Or Scan the QR code to the right for any additional keywords*.

Carry your keywords with you, click here.

*If keywords are miss-typed or words outside of the list above are entered, you will still receive a text message. A message will be randomly selected rather than within the topics noted above.

3 QR (Quick Response) Messaging

QR messaging allows users to quickly receive information. These unique images can store information from links, contact information or images.

Receive quit-tip messages 24/7 to your smartphone simply scanning the QR code below. Make sure you have a QR code app on your smartphone!

Smoke-free Messages are easy, and free. Follow the steps below to get your smoke-free messaging.

Step 1

  Scan the QR code above with your QR code scanning app.

Step 2

  You'll see your default browser load with a Quit message.

Step 3

  To receive other Quit messages, simply refresh your browser.

 Request a Call

Give us your number, and a Quit Coach will call you to offer help or answer your questions.
Click here to request a call.


Set up automatic Quit Smoking messages to be delivered to your mobile, landline and email! It’s quick, easy and a great way to keep you motivated. Start your messaging today!
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